A.E. Hayes has been featured under various pseudonyms in myriad novels, anthologies, poetry collections, and music magazines. She is the author of the memoir Shattered: Memoirs of an Amnesiac, which was a #1 Amazon bestseller in medical memoir. She is currently working on a collection of nonfiction essays titled Villain (release date May 2018), writing a short story for a Gothic Romance anthology, as well as writing a paranormal science fiction horror story for the upcoming graphic novel The Eynes Anthology. A.E. was most recently featured in the anthologies Love Across the Universe and Crazy Little Spring Called Love. She studied English and Writing at Hood College, where she earned her B.A., and later studied Fiction Writing at The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. A.E. resides in Maryland with her husband and son, and when she isn't writing, singing opera, or debating the finer points of law, she spends her time drinking too much coffee, pretending she's a Cylon, and staring at the water in St. Michaels, plotting ideas for her future projects. Please visit her website, aehayes.com, for updates and future publications. She can be contacted at aehayes@aehayes.com, on Twitter as @AE_Hayes, or on Facebook @aehayesauthor.


“You’ve been captive far too long,” she whispered. “So I’m releasing you.”

The universe was bathed in white light, and as I touched the azure and ruby stars dancing above my head, the crack within me split and fractured into madness.

I felt the shatter. But I was powerless to stop it.”

A.E. Hayes wakes up in a bright hospital room on the afternoon of August 24, 2010, with no idea of who she is or what has happened to her. When her doctors begin saying words such as “traumatic brain injury” and “retrograde amnesia,” she realizes that she cannot remember anything at all–including the man sitting beside her who claims to be her husband.

Guided by numerous doctors, hospitals, trauma units, her husband, a mysterious person known only as Starlight Boy, and an equally mysterious voice inside her head that tells her to seek the truth, Hayes sets out to uncover the answers about her rare condition. But is her amnesia truly all there is to her story? Through various sources, Hayes must learn about her startling and often traumatic past–and how that past may permanently alter the future.


Raw and riveting, Shattered: Memoirs of an Amnesiac leads readers down a path of darkness, mystery, and redemption–where heroes are often villains, fiction routinely gives way to fact, and how, ultimately, the truth can be both the disease and the cure.