The writing process is unique to each writer--and often to each writing project as well--but many writers like writing with musical accompaniment. From my own experience and those of other authors I know, we mostly prefer instrumental music when writing as lyrics can distract from your own words. But when it comes time to share music for a project, it's more fun to talk about songs with lyrics, so instead of asking the Crazy Little Spring Called Love authors what songs they listened to while writing, I asked them to tell me what songs would be on the soundtrack if their story was made into a movie or show. Check out the slideshow below for their answers--with bonus YouTube videos of the songs!



"Friend Like Me" - Aladdin

Janessa makes a lot of references to Aladdin, so it’s only fitting that Genie’s song make it onto this soundtrack. So, it turns out that Adam and Janessa’s relationship is very different from Aladdin and Genie’s, but it’s the wish granting that counts here, right?

"Days in the Sun" - Beauty & the Beast


I’m on a bit of a Disney kick here (which is nothing new). I wrote “A Hunt for Love” before the recent live-action Beauty and the Beast movie came out, but when I heard “Days in the Sun,” I thought of Janessa. She wants so badly to get her time in the sun, to be free of the curse that is her life. Her situation fits this song so well. Somehow, I don’t think Disney will give me royalties. 😊

The Jeopardy Theme


This might be a stretch. I wanted music to represent the ridiculousness of Adam and Janessa’s scavenger hunt. I racked my brain to come up with a meaningful song but kept coming back to ridiculousness. What better “we’re running out of time song” to represent a crazy scavenger hunt than the Jeopardy theme? And really, it kind of fits. My characters have to think hard, and do it fast, just like contestants on Jeopardy. And the grand prize is way better.