Emmerite Sundberg

Emmerite lives with her husband and daughter, five chinchillas, and two bunnies. In her free time, she breeds dragons and tends a library. She quite likes the steampunk aesthetic and enjoys making her own Victorian-type outfits. She is easily bribed with chocolate or videos of bunnies doing cute things.


13 Stories of Science Fiction Romance
Set on Intergalactic Shores

Summer love is summer love, no matter the planet. Climb aboard your spacecraft or time machine and travel across time and space with these thirteen tales of love on beaches in the future and among the stars. Includes stories by USA Today Bestselling Author Traci Douglass, Cara McKinnon, Rhonda Jackson Joseph, A.E. Hayes, Sheri Queen, M.T. DeSantis, L.J. Longo, K.W. Taylor, Mary Rogers, Elsa M. Carruthers, Emmerite Sundberg, Serena Jayne, and Oriana Maret.


by Emmerite Sundberg

She’s everything she’s ever wanted but with one flaw—they can’t actually touch.

Iyonne has despaired of ever finding the right woman for her. But when she crash-lands on a seemingly uninhabited planet, she finds her. Myissa has been alone for so long, the last of her kind. She believes that she will never again know love. Until Iyonne walks onto her beach. The two fall in love instantly, but there is one big hurdle to their happy ending. Iyonne cannot live in the ocean, where Myissa lives and Myissa cannot leave the sea to walk on land. Will they overcome their separation or are they doomed to live alone forever?