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Heather Sheldon has loved books from as far back as she remembers. An avid diary keeper and letter writer, her desire to pursue story telling on a broader scale didn’t emerge until forty. Now she writes and edits most every day. Currently calling the Midwest home, she enjoys the change of seasons, but wishes spring lasted longer. Her three daughters, husband, and a handful of pets keep her busy when not at the keyboard or out to a movie.

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A Gothic Romance Short Story Anthology

Seven haunting stories of love with a paranormal twist, from a traditional nineteenth century ghost story to a modern southern gothic dance with the devil. Give in to your darkest desires.

Featuring Cara McKinnon, A.E. Hayes, Sheri Queen, Serena Jayne, Read Gallo, Kylie Weisenborn, and Heather Sheldon.


Heather Sheldon



A haunted book flips Mandy’s world on end, and her handsome new neighbor might be her only salvation.

Mandy Philips receives an antique journal, blank except for a loving dedication. When she starts to write, Mandy is pulled into a strange and seductive dreamworld. If her hot new neighbor doesn’t keep her grounded in reality, she stands to lose not only her sanity, but her soul.