Love at the Edge

of Seventeen

It's never easy to go through the fraught transition into adulthood, but the teens in this anthology have more to deal with than most: super powers, magic, illness, prejudice against sexual orientation and gender identity, and even death. Fortunately, they all find love at the edge of seventeen.

M.T. DeSantis - “Be Null, My Heart”

A.E. Hayes - “Her First Fever”

Serena Jayne - “Dead Man’s Party”

Cara McKinnon - “Three Jagged Pieces” Mary Rogers - “The Crayon Thief”

Kylie Weisenborn - “Now I Am”

M.T. DeSantis

Be Null, My Heart

Teen love...with superpowers.

Because high school with superstrength isn’t tough enough, Emma’s parents are members of Ren-X, an international superhero taskforce that tracks down villains who can null superpowers. When a report comes in of a potential null threat at school, Emma brushes it off.

She’s got bigger fish to fry, like asking her best friend Brandon to prom. But when Emma trips in the cafeteria and her power kicks-in, Brandon nulls her, saving her from exposure. Is her best friend and potential prom date the threat?