Mary Rogers is a Brooklyn native, now living in Southern California with her husband, her four kids, and way too many rescue animals. She has an addiction to books, and realized she wanted to write them. Knowing you should write from the heart, she is inspired by her personal romance hero, her children, her spoiled pets, and her friends, for showing her what true love really looks like, and for the wine.



This short story anthology includes eight magical tales of fantasy romance inspired by the awakenings and renewal of spring.

Featuring stories by: USA Today Bestselling Author Traci Douglass, Sheri Queen, A.E. Hayes, M.T. DeSantis, Cara McKinnon, L.J. Longo, Mary Rogers, and Elsa Carruthers, Crazy Little Spring Called Love provides the lift of romance, magic, and happily-ever-after in eight short installments–perfect for when you only have a little while to read!

"Spring Fling"

by Mary Rogers


What’s in a name? Sometimes, it’s your fate.


Carson Freigh and Carson Byrd both wish the other had gone anywhere but Garland University. Free Bird jokes got old. After four years of fighting the hype, Carrie and Carson became lovers for one blissful week before graduation, but even their names couldn’t make it last. Unable to work for Carrie in her small start-up, Carson turned down the job and the girl.


Years later, Carson’s career has never gotten out of first gear. He’s pretty sure he knows why, though. She took his talents for herself the week they were together. Tired of hearing about Carrie’s success in natural skin care products, Carson makes a bargain for his own. He can take the power from an old Druid’s rowan tree, but magic has a price–and the Druid gets to decide what to take.


Suddenly, Carson is the owner of a fast-growing line of men’s grooming aids, and Carrie’s company is posting record losses. When he thinks she’s poised to sell, he is there with an offer. The problem? She has no memory of their week as lovers.


Now Carson is forced to ask himself: Was it really his magic she stole, or did she take his heart?