Born a New Englander, M.T. DeSantis moved south in early adulthood, realized she actually liked winter, and promptly moved back north.

Currently, she’s trying out life as a Midwesterner with her boyfriend, who also actually likes winter. When not writing, M.T. can be found practicing yoga, attempting to make friends with the oven, or plotting her next adventure. 


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This short story anthology includes eight magical tales of fantasy romance inspired by the awakenings and renewal of spring.

Featuring stories by: USA Today Bestselling Author Traci Douglass, Sheri Queen, A.E. Hayes, M.T. DeSantis, Cara McKinnon, L.J. Longo, Mary Rogers, and Elsa Carruthers, Crazy Little Spring Called Love provides the lift of romance, magic, and happily-ever-after in eight short installments–perfect for when you only have a little while to read!

"A Hunt for Love"

by M.T. DeSantis

After over 300 years, Janessa, Djinn of the Planter, is awakened, ready to grant wishes. But instead of the power-hungry type she’s used to, she gets a cute guy named Adam, who doesn’t believe she’s a djinn. When Adam mockingly wishes for a scavenger hunt to find his true love before dinner, he and Janessa are plunged into a race against the clock to find Mrs. Right, or else they’ll both be cursed to spend eternity imprisoned as djinns.

Can they beat the clock, avoid the curse, and maybe even find true love?