Proofreading focuses on spelling, punctuation, grammar, and consistency (such as when a character changes names or eye color halfway through a manuscript). Proofreading is the last stage of edits before a book goes to be formatted.


We use the Chicago Manual of Style as our guide, but will defer to the author on stylistic issues and any created words or usage (such as fantasy races or futuristic sci-fi terms). If your book uses a lot of unfamiliar terms, it is a good idea to provide us with a style sheet for consistency.


We will proofread your document in MS Word using track changes and comments as necessary.


We offer sample proofreading of up to 500 words prior to offering a contract for your novel or short story. We do this for two reasons: one, so you can see how we edit; and two, so we can see how you write. Both sides must agree that we are a good fit before we will commit to proofreading a full novel manuscript.


Proofreading rates are based on the project. Once we receive your sample and we agree to move forward, you will send us your project and we'll send you a contract with a rate for the work. If you agree to the terms of the contract, you will owe half of the fee at contract signing and the other half on delivery.


Turn-around times for proofreading will typically be about 5-10 business days for an average novel manuscript under 100,000 words. Faster times are available, but will be more expensive.


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