Essential Magic

Essential Magic

The Fay of Skye -- Book One

A woman driven to excel. A man ashamed of his past. A desire that could lead them to bliss...or peril.

Etta Mae Cook, a mountain witch from Appalachia, steps off the train in London in 1895 and into a dangerous world of politics, decadence, and power. Queen Victoria, the Prince of Wales, and the Fay clan are waging a silent war. In the balance: the future of British magic. Etta's lineage and strength make her an asset--or a threat--to all three formidable forces.

Malcolm Seward has sworn he'll never do magic again. He once had a prominent role in society, but a tragic mistake left him shattered, and he has withdrawn from everyone he cares about. Etta's arrival makes him yearn for things he has long been too afraid to touch. Though she's drawn to him in return, her goal is to study magic. Desire is a distraction.

Despite her intentions, his fears, and his family's objections, the two soon surrender to their passion.

Now Etta must choose: love, or her ambition? Either path could mean the renewal - or the destruction- of British sorcery. If she follows her heart, will she doom their magic?

The Fay of Skye series is gaslamp fantasy romance, set in an alternate Victorian Era with magic.

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Praise for Essential Magic:

“Vivid backdrop…thorough research...very hot.” -Avonna from The Romance Reviews

“Engrossing and dramatic…. Tantalizing details.” -J.L. Gribble, author of Steel Victory and Steel Magic

“The writing is just lovely…. Characters you care about!” -Maria V. Snyder, author of Poison Study

“The romance is sweet and hot.” – Amazon reviewer Gary

“Cara McKinnon does a masterful job of transporting her readers to magical 19th century Scotland. Her detailed descriptions of historically accurate attire and etiquette helped to fully immerse me in a story that I was unwilling to put down until the very end. Engaging characters, powerful emotions; all with a unique and captivating method used to describe the casting of spells.” -Christina Robbins, author of Seeking Solace

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