May 23, 2017

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The Love at the Edge of Seventeen Soundtrack

May 1, 2018

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Crazy Little Spring Called Love Blog Tour

April 30, 2017



Eight Magical Stories of Fantasy Romance
from Stars and Stone Books


Featuring: Elsa Carruthers, M.T. DeSantis, Traci Douglass, A.E. Hayes, L.J. Longo, Cara McKinnon, Sheri Queen, and Mary Rogers


For the Crazy Little Spring Called Love blog tour, we rounded up our authors for a series of interviews, put together some teasers from the stories in the anthology, and even got everyone to tell us what songs to put on repeat while you read these magical tales!

Crazy Little Spring Called Love Blog Tour Dates



  • 5/1/17 – A.E. Hayes – Author Interviews about writing to a theme.

  • 5/1/17 – Stars and Stone Books Blog – Story Soundtracks, pt 1 of 8: M.T. DeSantis

  • 5/2/17 – L.J. Longo – Author Interviews about writing process and rituals.

  • 5/2/17 – Stars and Stone Books Blog – Story Soundtracks, pt 2 of 8: L.J. Longo

  • 5/3/17 – Traci Douglass – Author Interviews about why they picked their story’s world.

  • 5/3/17 – Beth Edwards – Teaser from Cara McKinnon’s story Love at Dawn.

  • 5/3/17 – Stars and Stone Books Blog – Story Soundtracks, pt 3 of 8: Sheri Queen

  • 5/4/17 – Cara McKinnon – Author Interviews about spring.

  • 5/4/17 – Naomi Clark – Teaser from Traci Douglass’s story When Hermes Met Eos.

  • 5/5/17 – Sheri Queen – Author Interviews about their fantasy worlds.

  • 5/5/17 – Nancy C. Weeks – Teaser from M.T. DeSantis’s story A Hunt for Love.

  • 5/6/17 – L.J. Longo – Author Interviews about the heroines of the stories.

  • 5/7/17 – L.J. Longo – Author Interviews about the heroes of the stories.

  • 5/8/17 – M.T. DeSantis – Author Interviews about what’s coming next for each of them.

  • 5/8/17 – J.L. Gribble – Author Interviews about a specific fantasy element in their stories (fairies, mermaids, etc.)

  • 5/9/17 – Susanne Matthews – Author Interviews with advice for other writers.

  • 5/9/17 – Stars and Stone Books Blog – Story Soundtracks, pt 4 of 8: Cara McKinnon

  • 5/10/17 – Cara McKinnon – Author Interviews with advice about love.

  • 5/10/17 – Stars and Stone Books Blog – Story Soundtracks, pt 5 of 8: Elsa Carruthers

  • 5/11/17 – L.D. Blakeley – Teaser from L.J. Longo’s story Seaweed and Silk and a Giveaway.

  • 5/11/17 – Stars and Stone Books Blog – Story Soundtracks, pt 6 of 8: A.E. Hayes

  • 5/12/17 – Stars and Stone Books Blog – Story Soundtracks, pt 7 of 8: Traci Douglass

  • 5/15/17 – Stars and Stone Books Blog – Story Soundtracks, pt 8 of 8: Mary Rogers

  • 5/18/17 – A.E. Hayes – Character Mini-Interviews, part one

  • 5/19/17 – Cara McKinnon– Character Mini-Interviews, part two


About Crazy Little Spring Called Love:


This delightful fantasy romance anthology features eight magical stories inspired by the awakenings and renewal of springtime. If you love gods and goddesses, fairies, djinn, druids, mermaids, dryads, and magic of all varieties, Crazy Little Spring Called Love delivers!


Traci Douglass – “When Hermes Met Eos”

One night. Two star-crossed immortals. Will their vibrant connection survive beyond sunrise?


Sheri Queen – “The Girl with a Broken Wing”

A story of courage and sacrifice–and finding love where you never thought to look.


Cara McKinnon – “Love at Dawn”

Sometimes mortals need a little push from a god and goddess to fall in love…


M.T. DeSantis – “A Hunt for Love”

Can a djinn and a clueless guy beat the clock, avoid the curse, and maybe even find true love?


L.J. Longo – “Seaweed and Silk”

A mermaid: hundreds of miles from her home on the ice, on a ship with a troll, a goblin wizard, and a pack of wolves. What else can go wrong? Oh, right. A flippin’ sea monster.


Mary Rogers – “Spring Fling”

A druid’s bargain gives Carson revenge against his former lover Carrie–at the price of her memories of them together. But did she truly steal his magic all those years ago? Or was the real theft his heart?


Elsa M. Carruthers – “Welded”

Welding Witch, Rena, is on the run. She’s not looking for love, but all the magic in the world can’t keep the sparks from flying when her rivals, Nate and Duke, find her.


A.E. Hayes – “A Siren’s Song of Spring”

She is sworn to sing men to their deaths. Until one sails into her heart.




To get your copy, visit any of the following retailers:






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